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LabCards for laboratories

As a leader in diagnostic testing, your lab is equipped with the right instruments to work with the most common diseases. Your staff is educated and ready to serve the farming community with reliable test results. However, samples flood in from everywhere. It’s not always clear which tests are requested and it takes you a lifetime to put all of these samples into your paper records. And it’s not even uncommon to transfer the sample data to another system within your laboratory. If that’s not all, the results of the tests need to be communicated back to the veterinarian. Yes, you might use a third system for that. Sound familiar? Isn’t there a way to do this much more efficiently? 

Say hello to LabCards, a complete digital solution that allows you to easily and efficiently receive, process and share sample data from the field. 

This is how it works

Samples on their way

The field veterinarian has been busy in the field collecting samples for diagnostics, using the LabCards app to collect data. Now it’s your turn to do your magic. In the Dashboard you see in one overview where samples hang out. Are they on their way to you (In Transit), being worked on (In Progress) or finished and ready to be shared with the vet (Results Ready)? You can even see which clients haven’t paid yet. 

Once samples come in, check the Request Code on the box and link it in your portal. Change the status to ‘Checked In’ so that the veterinarian knows that his samples are safe now. 

Working on the results

It’s all about the results. Once testing has been done, the results can easily be added to the portal. Each test type has it’s own lay-out, requiring little time to complete. Add some remarks if needed, and when all tests are done you’re ready to notify the veterinarian. 

Share your work

The farmer is anxious to know what’s going on with his animals. Time is limited to intervene, so it’s imperative that your results are shared as soon as possible. LabCards can dot this with a few clicks. Select the finalized request, and hit ‘Send’. All results will be sent to the LabCards app of the veterinarian – also in PDF format, so it can be forwarded to the farmer as well.

No Request Code? Create your own

Sometimes you receive samples without a Request Code through the LabCards app. No need to worry. With the LabCards portal it’s easy to include these samples as well. Just create a new Request and fill-in the information yourself. 

Of course it’s better to tell the veterinarian to use the LabCards app next time, saving you some precious time.

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