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LabCards for veterinarians

You are a busy professional. Many farm owners rely on your expertise for their animal healthcare. When you visit these farms you do your utmost to diagnose what’s going on, and to provide the best possible treatment and advice. But it is not always very clear what’s going on, and proper diagnostic testing can help identify the cause of the disease. However, processing the samples you took from the farm is often a burden: many papers to fill-in, unreliable outcomes and no overview of the results. It’s easy to skip diagnostic testing. But is this the way forward? 

Say hello to LabCards, a complete digital solution that allows you to easily collect sample data and send it to the laboratory through your mobile phone. 

This is how it works

Managing your clients

Easy as it is, just enter some basic information about the farm and off you go. We even included What3Words, a revolutionary way of creating addresses in areas where no address names exist. The next time you are at the location, stop searching for the farm. Your phone knows where you are and which farm you are visiting based on your location and What3Words. Now you only have to tap and start collecting samples.

Choose your animal

Your first stop when you are at the farm: choosing which animal you’re going to collect samples from. You can enter relevant animal information from that farm in LabCards, for easy access next time. You can even add a picture for fast identification.

Ready to take some samples?

What tests need to be done?

Sample taking is a veterinary skill that can only be done by professionals. But once collected, the administrative burden should be at a minimum. LabCards can keep that promise. Just select a matrix, a test type, a disease and optionally a test methodology. That’s it. LabCards includes all of the major test-types and -methodologies, so you don’t have to worry about missing out. Write down the automatically generated sample code on the sample tube (or use your own coding) and off you go – to the next sample. 

Sending your request to a lab

State-of-the-art diagnostic labs in your country have already partnered with LabCards and can be found in the app. Select one of these labs and send the request containing the information about the samples. This request is received almost immediately in the portal of that diagnostic lab.

The only thing you need to do yourself is send the actual samples in a controlled environment, like you normally do. 

Getting the results back

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what happened to your precious samples. This feeling now belongs to the past with LabCards. With one tap, LabCards provides you with an overview of all requests you sent in, and their respective status. Whether they are ‘In Transit’, ‘Checked In’ or ‘In Progress’, you can see it all. And when ready, you are notified automatically. The results can be seen in the app and shared easily with the farmer. 

It doesn’t get any easier.

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